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Taizhou Intro Digital Technology Co., Ltd
  +86-136-66863008
  1-181 Dongda Highway, Dongcheng Town, Taizhou City, 
Zhejiang Province, China
Taizhou Intro Digital Technology Co., Ltd was established in Taizhou, Zhejiang. The company devotes to the exploitation and development of new products in decorative lights, including tree lights, string lights, solar lights, and smart lights etc. Now the company has developed into a modern scientific and technological lighting enterprise with a blend of exploitation, production and retailing at the same time.
Our company owns a brand called Astrowick, which is one of the leading decorative lights companies registered in the United States. Astrowick connects factories directly to consumers, selling products to customers directly from our own factory and other factories in our industry chain. Astrowick is a young brand found by a group of young people who all have overseas study experience, and the company also has talents in various fields of cross-border e-commerce. We are dedicating to create the best shopping experience for every customer and hoping to light up every corner of every household.
Every Christmas season, people who enjoy 
the brightly lit night view might not have 
imagined that most of the lights come from
 Linhai, a small city on the coast of East China 
Sea - Taizhou, Zhejiang.

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