Waterproof Outdoor Lamp String
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Waterproof Outdoor Lamp String

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Brief description: shatter-proof Edison bulbs, waterproof alternative, even if encountered heavy rain, the light bulb will not fill, professional outdoor design, rain snow lights as usual, stable working performance, apply to the courtyard, wedding, the adornment such as holiday party party, each string of 15 bulbs, each 0.28 W bulb, the total length of 51.5 FT, lamp is apart from the 3 FT, 30 v transformer, Can connect 4 sets at the same time

Every Christmas season, people who enjoy 
the brightly lit night view might not have 
imagined that most of the lights come from
 Linhai, a small city on the coast of East China 
Sea - Taizhou, Zhejiang.

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